Mzansi are you ready?

​Mokhitlinyane Azaria Morake, a hip hop artist/Record producer/song writer is pursuing his dream of officially becoming the most prominent musician South Africa is yet to see. Better known as Yung Verse, he is a man of many talents being a striving skateboarder and graphic designer. “I’m an unsigned artist, I’ve had the freedom of defining my own style. My style of music is new school hip hop and is heavily influenced by the Southern sound of the United States formally known as Trap music.” said the Free State(QwaQwa) born hustler currently residing in Cape Town.  He added “I produce my own sound and I also produce for a few other upcoming artists like myself. My style of production is all new school. I do however fuse elements of 90’s R&B into my R&B productions.” His most anticipated and acknowledged single dropped in May 2016 titled “V-Mash” where Yung Verse elaborates his intentions in the music industry by drawing similarities to the original Vinolia “V-Mash” Mashego’s persona although he clarified that the song isn’t about her. As soon as he blows up (the term he used) he wants to get Cassper Nyovest on the V-Mash remix. “Juice” is the follow up single to V-Mash and is intended to take over the streets and see him flex his lyrical muscle. Explaining how his stage name “Yung Verse” came about he said his first rap name was X-Calibar because he was obsessed with punchlines and battle rap. However, times changed and he became versatile then he called himself “Versatile” but his homies started calling him Verse, he was now known by this name. When he hopped on the dirty South Bandwagon, he started his intro’s with “It’s Young Verse” it caught up with his homies and they started calling him Young Verse. His Twitter handle was then @YungVerse4Eva. “I went to a club one day and sat outside with a girl and my homie was looking for me, he yelled “YoungVerse4Eva and the girl asked me if that’s my name that it’s pretty cool. So I just went on and registered with SAMRO and stylized it as Yung Verse.” said Yung Verse with a slight chuckle. He describes being an upcoming artist as riding a roller coaster. There are ups and downs, a lot of emotion, a lot of challenges to face, high hopes that plummet, disappointments left and right. It is basically what you think is vs what really is, a precious learning stage. There are expectations and there is reality.

Taking us through his studio and performances experience Verse said: “To be honest, I’m often stressed in the studio. I worry too much about getting it right, it may sound good to the homies but the peeps may not love it and that is why I’m always stressed. The same goes to when I’m on stage but I feel happier on stage because I love the crowd more than recording music. The crowd’s reaction is instant and they are honest, it should make sense why I stress. I make music for the crowd.”

Verse’s music has achieved him airplay on notable radio stations and his most recent profile on Hectic99 (Sabc 2). Although he has not yet received airplay from commercial radio stations like Yfm he went through with Good Hope fm and this brought him an amazing fan base that keeps him going and believing that he’ll one day be the biggest artist in South Africa in due time. In five years he sees himself as the number one rated hip hop artist in Africa. He wants to perform at the biggest venues in South Africa before hitting world stage. As an independent artist, national scale recognition is what he is chasing(blowing up). From there he says he can achieve anything, with only key deals coming on board such as international marketing/publishing. Along the line of pursuing his music dream he has performed at various places namely Gugulethu, Southern suburbs in Cape Town, St Yves nightclub, Chez Ntemba VIP club, The Bank in the City, Cubas Lounge, the University of Western Cape and the University of Cape Town. He has worked with Angelo Collins (Big Brother Africa The Chase) and that was before he came out, they recorded great music and Angelo taught him that he has to stand on his own if its recognition he seeks.

Verse definitely knows his fans and he had this to say: “My fan base will go for anything that sounds good and will tell you if the finished product is whack, they are very honest people and after all that is what I love about them. They don’t care how you feel (chuckles), they are just like me. They like the type of stuff I like and I guess that is why we connect. They’re very open minded people all in all.Behind the music he is the same guy his mom raised. He is humble, chilled and a philosopher as he was studying Philosophy before he decided to take on music full time. For bookings contact, E-mail:, Facebook fan page: Yung Verse.

​Mokhitlinyane Azaria Morake (Yung Verse).

Download “V-Mash”;
Download “Juice”;


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